"This is Fur"

Under this title a three day lobby event was held by the European Fur Breeders’ Association in Brussels, the heart of the European Parlement between 21st-23rd January 2014.

A large number of members from the fur farming countries joined. Hungary was represented by Mrs. Anna Hegedűs and Mr. János Lamoga. The whole event was finnanced by the International Fur Trade Federation included travel and accomodation costs.

Aim of the event was to draw the attention of the European politicians to the fur sector, which could increase its turnover by nearly 30 % in past few years despite of the global economic recession, not to mention that it gives more than 60.000 full-time jobs in Europe. There are about 7200 fur farms in Europe, and 52 %  of the pelts produced in the world come from Europe. Fur farming is the most developed sector of the agruculture in respect of animal welfare .

It is very important that politicians get their informations not only by the negative, mostly exaggerated false media campains of the animal activists, but get to know the real facts about this industry, in order that they can form their own opinion in case needed.

At this occasion we met Hungarian MEPs to the EU resp. member of the permanent representation of Hungary whom we informed about the situation  of the Hungarian resp. European fur farming and fur idustry.




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