Would you wear real fur coat?

"Would you wear real fur coat?" - this provocative question was addressed to the viewers in Mokka, broadcast by TV2 (Hungarian commercial TV channel) on 2nd of October, 2020.

In the live show, we saw a conversation about fur fashion and fur farming without the representative of fur sector. Despite, that the viewers could acknowledge only the position of the animal right organizations, which was strongly "a game in one gate", the real fur lovers won with a huge advantage.

During the broadcast the viewers could vote "YES" or "NO" or "just a fake fur". Finally the result of the voting: 76% of viewers voted "YES", they would wear real fur coat, 22% "NO", 2% "just a fake fur".
We are so grateful to have had positive feedback from the viewers, thanks so much for supporting of the fur industry.

Natural fur is the responsible choice!

Source: TV2 Mokka








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