The Grand Prize of HFTA, the CREATION 2017 Designer Contest and Show was held on 11th November, 2017.

This year competition were characterized by unique solutions, special colors and inventive fur-combinations. The young designers came, saw and conquered.

The winners:
Category of fur coat, fur jacket:
1st place: Dorina Bakó
2nd place: Rozália Szekszárdiné Kovács
3rd place: Márk Molnár

Category of fur accessories:
1st place: Miklós Szilágyi
2nd place: Márk Molnár
3rd place: Krisztina Kiss-Szigeti

REMIX Milan special prize: Dorina Bakó and Márk Molnár

Congratulations to the winners and the best of luck to REMIX participants in Milan!

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