Moldovan - Hungarian Business Forum in Chisinau

12 March 2020., Chisinau

The chairman of Hungarian Fur Trade Association, János Lamoga travelled to Chisinau - as a member of the business delegation lead by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – to participate at the Moldovan – Hungarian business forum.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Moldovan Prime Minister Ion Chicu talked on close economic cooperation. The whole of the European Union has a vested interest in forming strategic partnerships with countries lying at its Eastern borders, including Moldova - Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in Chisinau. He added, they wish to extend the already ongoing cooperation to agriculture, furthermore he indicated that a credit line worth USD 100 million had been opened in the interest of promoting mutual economic activities. At the forum János Lamoga, the chairman of HFTA personally informed the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about the present situation of the Hungarian fur and leather industry and the difficulties concerning the sector.

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