"Fur Promotion Boom 2023"

We have started our "Fur Promotion Boom 2023" campaign and competition.

The registration was opened, we are waiting for applications till the middle of June. The first three applicants will be financially supported, helping them to realise their imagines made of real fur, without being limited by financial limitations. We ensure the applicants the whole summer season to create their products. The best creation will be announced among members of our association and the students of design schools. The judging and the final awards event will be hold in September.

The first prize winner will be featured in print and online in leading trade and fashion magazines such as ELLE and others*. And for the second and third place winners, we will create valuable fur package prizes.

The competition rules and application form are now available to download from the competition website: https://furboom2023.szormeszov.hu/

The deadline for applications is 16 June 2023 at 12:00 pm.

*The organizer of the competition reserves the right to change the magazines.



The Hungarian Fur Trade Association was founded on 25th June 2008 by 24 members, included the 200 members of Hungarian Chinchilla Breeders Association, furriers, manufacturers, fur dressers, fur traders and trappers.

The association set as task to represent the fur trade and to protect its interests at national and international level. HFTA creates opportunity to their members to meet and exchange their experiences, to develop their technological knowledge.

One of the most important aim of the association is to support and promote the use of fur by the fashion industry.

HFTA is committed to the conservation of fur animals and their habitats  and as a member of the International Fur Trade Federation fights for high standards of their care and welfare.

Hungary is known in the international fur market for the Hamster, Chinchilla, Panofix (lamb fur) there are however skilled furriers who are working for international fashion houses.






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