Design Competition

Grand Prix of the Hungarian Fur Trade Association

The Hungarian Fur Trade Association organized the CREATION design competition the second time in 2012.

The aim of the event was to activate and provoke inspiration and creativity of the designers working in the Hungarian fur- and fashion industry and to give at the same time possibility to show their creations.

This year contest mobilized more designers than last year, it became a real challenge for them to take part at the competition. They replaced their modest financial possibilities with great fantasy and it is not exaggerated to say that some of them would stand the proof on international level. The collections of Kriszta Fekete and Ildikó Tumay deserve special attention, both prize winners of the competition. Chairman of the jury was Márta Makány a well known designer of the Hungarian fashion industry. We hope to be able to attract the attention of further prominent designers to the application of fur in their creations.

We had the chance to receive Mike Moser, Communications Director of IFTF at the event who informed the audience about the OA label.




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