Hungarian success at REMIX 2018

The REMIX contest dedicated to young fur designers, organized with the support of Vogue Talents and the International Fur Federation (IFF) was hold on 25th of February, within Milan Fashion Week at the Palazzo Barozzi.

The jury headed over by Sara Sozzani Maino (from Vogue Italy) chosen the winners (according to criteria based also on sustainability, like the use of recycled materials, non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes and material traceability).

Japanese designer Chunchen Liu was the winner of REMIX 2018, the Chinese designer Siyang Meng was presented with the Silver award and the Hungarian Abigail Wirth won the Bronze award. Abigail was inspired by social media and the reaction into this 'reality'.

Abigail, we are proud of you. Congratulations!

Media presents about the winners from the world press (click on the name): Vogue, Crisalide press, WWD, Weiwenku




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